Apex Legends: tips and tricks for beginners

If you are trying to get better in playing Apex Legends, you should check this article which is filled with useful suggestions for players. Use these recommendations and this challenging game will not be thus challenging anymore.

Practice in the firing range

This is one of the most crucial aspect lot of players overlook and eventually come back to it. Firing range is the place where you get to practice your skills. This skill ranges from practicing movement to trying out various of guns, ammos, shield etc. And start practicing your shooting skill. This is also a great place to try out your new virtual control layout before jumping into a real match where people already been playing since the dawn of Apex and other battle royale games. See what suits you the best and get familiar with the shooting and moving a lot.

You also have a solo mode which could be a great addition to practice your skill solo. This mode often comes in with bunch of other players but not teamed up so you are on your own. Also, this mode relatively put up a match with not so experienced players. Definitely try this mode out.

Know your legends

Since the game is about legends, knowing your legends will give you great heads up. You find four types of legends which includes offensive, defensive, support and recon. Each of these types have their own unique role to spice up the game. Right now, you will find ten legends at your service. They may include more in any of the future updates.

This is highly advised that you try out each legend and  see what your playing type is and which legend resonate with you. But before you jump onto legend to legend for each match, try playing a legend on few match until you really know about that legend enough to move on to the next one.

In addition to your legend selection, team composition is super important than just choosing random legends. There are lot of tactics which includes squad using some certain type of combo together to knock out other teams like no others.


This is one of the golden goose for you. This is a section of Apex Legends where you will find the details of every gun available and their stats and so on. You can make comparison and see the better range, damage, ammo, precision and other such details.

Players are able to upgrade their weapons. You will also unlock varieties of attachments which can be used to increase the range, precision, rate of fire and so on. You will also have the option to upgrade the skin of your weapon.

Keep practicing in firing range, warm up and then hit the match. As well as, keep movement in mind. This is extremely important. Know the top tier loot locations and armors and weapons. They come in with colors to identify their tier level.