Apex Legends: top-tier weapons and armour

So, finally the long waited Apex legend mobile is out on both android and iOS. Are you guys excited as well? I am sure you all are. On the first week of Apex Legends launch, there have been one freaking million downloads. That is insane! Lot of folks from PUBG, Fortnite, CS Go fellas, dropping into Apex Legends and having a good freaking time like nothing else! With this said, there are also large amount of expert players to watch out for.

Secrets of becoming good at playing Apex Legends

Lots of these expert players became expert by, other than the time it requires, knowing some of the common ground. Which includes knowing your weapon. You will find that if you have not yet known about the weapons well, you will have a ripped kill and the enemy does not shoot you and just stand there with their hands on their waist looking at you like “You kidding me right?”, while you keep shooting this person for 20 to 30 secs. Yes, that is how bad some guns can be.

The best weapons of Apex Legends

With this, let’s learn about the best weapons you can use to save you from such embarrassment. Just for the heads up, If you are coming from the Apex PC or other such platforms, know that not all of them weapons made it into the mobile version. Probably, they will in some future updates.

When it comes down to knowing your tier level, there are four type of tier you will find. They are S, A, B and C tier. SABC? Sabac? Anyway you wanna call it.


Under S-tier, you will find guns like R-301 carbine. This is an assault rifle. This gun has a high damage rate. This is one of the gun, good enough for mid range combat. This gun has a magazine capacity of 18. But you can always modify it with a 28 bullet mag, which extends it from 18 to 28. You can improve your shot with add-ons like iron sight and so on to increase your weapon’s efficiency. You can use it for a distant firing with scopes like 1x-2x variable holo or the 2x HCOG.

Vk-47 Flatline

This is another of assault rifle type which has high damage per-shot. The firing rate of VK-47 flatline is quite slow but the recoiling pattern is pretty predictable which is conversely not true on the PC and other gaming consoles. This has a base magazine of 20. This weapon is suitable for close to mid range combat. You can deploy some nasty damage if you have added a 2 to 4x scope and do a hip-fire.

Prowler Burst PDW

This weapon is one of the most brutal weapon you can get your hands on typically found in ground loot. This is a type of sub machine gun. Fire mode of Burst of 5. Firing rate is quite astonishing, 666. This has a damage of 167 per second. Magazine size come in from 20 to 25, 30, 35 based on the tier loot. On the head you will deploy 21 damage per bullet. Legs 11 and body will get 14 damage per bullet.