More iconic top down shoot’em up games

If you are looking for more titles of the best shoot’em up games, this article will give you great suggestions for playing. Discover the amazing dynamic world of shoot’em up games with our suggestions of the best games of the genre.


How can we not mention the original Rayden series?

The first of this game was released in 1990. The same vertically scrolling shooter game developed by Seibu Kaihatsu and published by Tecmo Japan. This game was available as an arcade game. Although this game was initially launched on arcade, the franchise later was re-released for various other platforms like PC and other gaming consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices via DotEmu.

The whole cartoonish graphics very typical for early Japanese animation, sound tracks and gameplay are a way too immersive and worth every minute to relive the 90s this way. You should play all of the Rayden franchise including the remakes. Just remember things can get really ugly as in challenging!

Aero Fighters

If you are looking for a slightly more challenging and fast-paced experience, this game can give you one hell of a time.

An Aero Fighter franchise was released first in 1992. This one is also known as Sonic Wings in Japan. This game has the same idea of the classic vertically scrolling shooter theme. The game was released for various platforms like Super Nintendo System, Arcaded game, PlayStation 2 etc. This game is full on action packed with lasers, lightning and various other characters with their individual strengths and weaknesses. With the Aero Fighters 2, things get even a way uglier and insanely challenging. This game is undoubtedly worth getting your hands on to!


Tyrian was released in 1995 for the DOS operating system. This one is a serious and hard-core game. With fantastic old-school graphics, sepia landscape, you speed through this vertically scrolling top down shooter bringing down the endless foes and bosses or you bring yourself down in fire!

You, of course, have a massive amount of upgrades, weapons and stuff like that. The cartoonish graphics will spark awe within you! Yet, you will not have time to look at all the details since the gameplay itself is a way engaging! A pure action if you what you have been seeking for, look nowhere else give this game a go!

Space Megaforce

For all the Nintendo fans out there, this one is for you. You can relive the amazing 90s the decade of dominating Nintendo culture, Space Megaforce is there to give you the rich experience of Vertically scrolling top down, shoot’em up gaming!

This magnificent game was released in 1992. This game was known as Super Aleste in Europe. This is a single player game though, submerged in full action pack, heart pumping pace.

Most of these games can still be found online as they are available directly for Windows or via Emulators.