Everything you need to know about legendary Apex Legends

From the time when Apex Legends was deployed on platforms like PC and other gaming platform, it received a massive amount of players within a short duration from the launch day. Apex Legends incorporate the same ‘Battle Royale’ game mode as of PUBG, Fortnite etc. What differs most from others is this game has legends. These legends are the playable characters with their own unique abilities and stats. Lots of gaming aspects such as the graphics are visually stunning!

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a fast-paced first-person shooting game but you can also change it to third-person if you need to. Since the launch of the game for various of gaming platform, Apex Legends was long awaited to release on mobile platform so that players could engage in an apex battle from anywhere from this world and place other than where their gaming console was tied in.

With this response Apex Legends mobile was released on May 17, 2022 globally on both android and iOS platform. This was a huge news for the legends (players) who just flooded into the game and received large engagement almost overnight and by now, Apex have massive players from all over the globe.

Challenges of playing Apex Legends

At first, people who are not really used to playing fast paced game like Apex Legends can have real hard times coping up with the game since lot of expert players already slays all the newbies like no others. Also Apex Legends is not only a fast paced game but a very aggressive game. In this scenario, as a newbie with no experience in fast and aggressive game like Apex may feel like giving up. But you do not worry about it. Just like any other things in life, with time and practice, you will reap the fruit of you effort.

To get good at games like Apex Legends, try the following tips and tricks and keep playing with these in mind but try not to overthink all of these.

User Interface and controls

If you are a mobile player, it would be great if you get familiar with the user interface first and know which one does what. The whole UI (user Interface) may look a little perplexing and saturated but give it some time and you will be well adjusted to it. For the best of your preference, go to settings and adjust the control layout the way you would like it to be and that suits you. This can be changing the size of the buttons to relocate your controls etc. This will become incredibly handy in the match and requires your full knowledge of this. You can also try out physical controller for mobile battle royale games. There are dedicated controllers available only for battle royale games.