Raptor and Demonstar – your favourite shoot’em up games

Shoot’em up is a video game genre almost every gamer is very well familiar with. At some point or another, we all have played some sort of shoot’em up games. Shoot’em up is a classic gaming genre, a descendant of the shooting video games genre. This genre is also known as Shumps or STG. There are lot of gamer who love and worship this genre.

If you are looking for the ways to be one man ship on your way against horde of foes and giant boss will emerge if the little ones fail, this article will give you great titles of shoot’em up games.

Essential facts about shoot’em up games

Shoot’em up games come in lot of variety since its birth time. This genre is most often can be recognized based on its viewpoint and movement. The variations of this game include fixed shooter where you are with your foes inside one screen and that is how the game rolls. The classic example of this would be the legendary space invader from 1978, Galaxian 1979 etc.

The other types of the genre are multi-directional shooting, space shooters, tube shooters, rail shooters, cute’em ups etc.

With this little introduction to the background of the whole shoot’em genre, let’s dive in and see the best shoot’em up games we have at our disposal and if it is worth playing.

Warning! Some of these game may make you extremely nostalgic.


Yes, we include this classic game from the 1990s since this game took up so much of memories of all the gamers from back then, from the days of Doom, quake etc. Almost everyone who had PC played this game and adored it!

Demonstar was released in 1997 by Mountain king studios. This game was based on their earlier shoot’em up franchise Raptor. This masterpiece was top down vertically scrolling game with the outer space theme. Fantastic gameplay, quite advanced graphics of the time, sound track composed by the legendary Bobby Prince, composer of DOOM. This game is still worth every minute of and has a serious gameplay and atmosphere.

Raptor: Call of the shadows

This article cannot be fulfilled in anyway without the original Raptor: Call of the shadows. Developed by Mountain Studio, this game is the predecessor of the mighty Demonstar. This game was released for Microsoft Windows, iOS, Linux, MS-DOS and the Macintosh operating system. This game is also pretty well layed out in terms of gameplay, storyline and detailed. This game is full of nostalgia.