The gameplay of Cadillac and Dinosaurs

No matter whether you are a fan of Cadillac and Dinosaurs willing to feel nostalgic about this popular arcade game or you are willing to explore the classic games of the past, this article will provide you with the necessary information about the gameplay of Cadillac and Dinosaurs.

The game plot

There are total of eight stages with various scenarios filled with challenging rivals and bosses, including mini bosses. The game plot is set in the time when the men and dinosaurs lived in peace. The whole thing went so wrong when a group of people began to cause disturbance between men and the nature. This caused the dinosaurs to be hostile towards the humans surrounding them. These groups of people are the black marketers, hunting down dinosaurs for their own malignant purposes, killing them and experimenting with them.

The major characters of the game

To investigate the whole thing, there are four people, whom you can play as playable characters, Jack, Hannah, Mustapha and Mess. Each of them has their own unique character type. Hanna has the strength type of a skill, Mustapha has the speed, Mess has the power type and Jack has the balanced type, meaning all of the skills, speed and power divided equally.

All of these protagonists know each other.

The start of the game

The whole game begins in the by the players visiting “City in the sea” and reach to the top of a building to start their mission. This is where the player meets the first boss, Vice Terhune. Each of the stages has various beautiful scenery. You may have hard times, if you are like me who is taking notice of things around too much rather than being completely absorbed by playing the game. I used to have hard times just keep my eyes on the game play but often captured by the whole game scene and music.

The stages of Cadillac and Dinosaurs

With each stage, fantastic hand-drawn scenery, new groups of thugs will emerge. If you beat the hell out of Vice, the first boss, he will tell you about the whereabouts of the Butcher, the second boss. This opens up the links to this whole massacre.

The second stage begins in the swamp forest. One of the thrilling parts of this stage is you have to be careful as those thugs will be awakening the dinosaurs. The slash of butcher will half your health in no time. Over the game, you will find lot of useful weapons like Uzi, bazooka and almost any melee.

Stage 3 begins in the desert called ‘Hell road’. At the beginning of the game, while beating’em up, you can choose to play this stage on a Cadillac. This is much easier to play on Cadillac, although the Cadillac has its own limit of health.

This stage you fight against the biker maniac Hogg. The health of the life will go down so fast if you are hit by the bomb thrown by the Hogg. You will have to take it to your hand.

The stages up ahead are a way more fascinating and start to get incredibly challenging. You will soon begin to face no more human but semi-human and other creatures with vile nature mean enough to destroy you. This game is one of the best-selling arcade games and was the most played game of all time. Lots of Arcade shops made good money out of the game, needless to say the manufacturers and developers earned handsome days!