Even more top ammunition of Apex Legends you should know

If you are learning about the best ammunition available to the players of Apex Legends, you certainly should pay your attention to this list which will give you some of the most top-notch opportunities.

Kraber 50-Cal

If you like to play defensive, this is your must have weapon alongside a close range weapon. This is type of sniper rifle. Firing mode is single. Single shot only. Ammo type is Mythic Sniper Ammo, not quite in abundance. On the body you will deal 140 damage, on the head 280 and on the legs 112. this has a fire rate of 25 and 58 damage per second. You can find this weapon in any supply drop. It can also be found in care packages. But make sure you don’t forget to swap to the mid to close range weapon if you suddenly encounter an opponent by having a crazy panic attack.


This is a tier A weapon of pistol type. Wingman is one of the most powerful pistol in the game, which utilizes high heavy rounds. In the close combat range, you can cause mad chaos if you are the right hand for a Wingman. On the body you will deploy 45 damage, on the head 97 and on the legs 41 damage. Reload time is 2.1 and 1.4 with a boosted loader. Wingman also has a nice set of killer skins. You will need a quite of practice before you find wingman to be your perfect wingman.


Is a type of machine gun which uses energy ammo and has a quite a good accuracy in mid to long range fights. This has experienced to be the only SMG that could stand against a R-301 Carbine in ranged combat. The firing rate is incredibly high. On the body, it damages 17, hed 26, legs 14. Volt has a fire range of 720 and does 204 damage per second. This is great weapon you don’t wanna miss out unless you have a reason to.


This is a shotgun type and has a good reputation among players. This is extremely powerful and nobody wanna faces an EVA-8 in a close combat. Although this is nothing close to comparing with a peacekeeper but still can land a good deal of damage if you know your skill of shooting. This weapon is extremely useful for beginners though since peacekeeper can be quite tricky to use at first.


This is an assault rifle type. Havoc in the right hand surely can cause some havoc. It has the highest mag capacity and the fastest projectile travel speed among every assault rifle type. With a base of magazine 24, you can deploy serious damage in mid-to long range fights only if you have proper attachments.

While there are tons of other guns, these are the guns you want to keep in mind while playing and keep trying out different weapons as well.