Cadillac and Dinosaurs on the market of arcade games

In the early 90s, the gaming scene was quite different from what we have now. Actually, it was quite an extraordinary scene if you compare it to the current gaming industry. People are much more introverted now utilising the luxury of playing games with the home consoles or computers and are able to connect with millions of other players over the Internet. Surely, this is giving us a sense of connection with other gamers, however, I am talking about a whole new scene which are most part of the absolute new generation missed out. This is the time of dominating arcade!

Arcade gaming zones

What made scene of arcade gaming different from all of those home consoles connected to each other through the Internet, is the whole group of people you were connected to in real life rather than through the Internet.

An arcade gaming zone was a place of hangout for kids to adults, a wide range of gamers. Not only could you play with another player or players on a machine but you often would have spectators. Sometimes the whole crowd would be watching your playing if you were one of those skilled player.

The variety of arcade video games of the past

The range of games that were available to these arcade video games were mesmerizing! The market was full of competition and Japan had already been launching various top-notch games of the time! Among these, few managed to climb up into the history of best games of all time. One of these games is the legendary Cadillac and Dinosaurs! This game captured an entire generation of diverse players and defined a generation of gaming!

What is Cadillac and Dinosaurs?

Cadillac and Dinosaurs was side-scrolling beat’em up game. This magnificent timeless piece was released in 1993 by Capcom. Capcom is one of the legendary game development and publishing companies from Japan.

They developed countless games that you and I know even if we are not from the same generation. You certainly have heard or played games like Resident evil, Street Fighters right? Cadillac and Dinosaurs was based on the comic book series Xenozoic Tales. This game was also produced when the animation Cadillac and Dinosaurs was released.

So, let’s look at the gameplay. This is a multiplayer game as well, so up to three player can hook up to play this game. You can play it alone as well. Playing with the single mode is incredibly challenging though, however, it will give you a lot of excitement!