What should you do if your child is addicted to computer games?

Many children can develop an addiction to video games when they go to school. Between 7 and 10 years of age, parents are not capable to control their children thus much as they used to and, at the same time, the influence of the peers of the children is growing. This is especially important to be careful about the interest of children in video games. Yet, if your child has already outgrown this age, you can still find this article useful.

The symptoms of a child addicted to video games

Video game addiction is the same addiction like any other addictive behaviours. Still, since we are speaking about children, some of the symptoms can be particularly typical for this age group.

Certainly, addicted children will ask you to let them play more and more despite the limits on the time you have set. Yet, it is not enough to tell the child is really addicted. As you can imagine, many people will prefer continuing doing what they love doing, so there is nothing strange about such an urge in children.

It is crucial to note some other symptoms which will indicate there is a real problem. Since the time is limited, an addicted child will try to extend it resigning from the things which actually should be done. First of all, a child will resign from one’s hobbies as all the previous favourite activities are not thus satisfying anymore. Of course, the child will also prefer staying at home and playing to going for a walk or doing anything else.

Unfortunately, the education will also suffer in such a case since the child will not be willing to spend required time on studies. Finally, the child will also resign from sleeping if only there is such a chance. This is a typical symptom for any addiction which is sacrificing even physical needs for the sake of doing the activity one is addicted to even though the person might realise it is a harmful behaviour.

Unfortunately, many parents even do not realise their child is already addicted.

Do not criticise your child for loving video games

The worst thing many parents are doing is criticising their children about playing. If the child faces such an attitude from, the side of one’s parent, it will one make the problem worse and just like it is with any bad habits, you might not even be aware of the fact your child is playing too much since he or she will start hiding this fact from you.

Show a healthy example to your child

You cannot require from the child ignoring his or her favourite game while you are spending hours in from of your computer or smartphone. It is crucial to start from yourself and, for parents, whose children are not severely addicted yet, it is the high time to limit the usage of devices for themselves.

It is also important to teach the child there is plenty of other amazing activities which can be done in case one is bored. If the child sees you scrolling your social network account without a stop or playing mobile games whenever you have a spare moment, your child will be especially vulnerable to getting addicted to playing oneself.

Set strict rules for playing

It is crucial to set time frames for playing and be consistent about them. Other members of the family should also know these rules so that you will avoid a situation in which your spouse comes back from work tired and let the child play as long as he or she wants.

Certainly, it is crucial to finish all the task prior to playing, however, you should set a normal list of tasks for your child which will be possible to complete and have an opportunity to play.

Do not get rid of your child with the help of video games

Many parents do not realise that initially they themselves have a wrong attitude to games. Some of them are first super excited about their toddlers playing for hours believing it is a pure sign of genius. Others are excited because their babies are literally switched off while playing allowing their parents do whatever they want.

Playing non-video games require attention from parents and this is what is required for building a healthy relationship between a parent and a child and a child and a device.

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  1. It’s definitely a complicated problem. The games are addictive and appealing to a young group of people.

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