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Best MultiPlayer Xbox 360 Games

Multiplatform games are very popular as they can be played across many popular gaming platforms. Most of the games are available on Xbox 360.

Since Xbox offers a rich gaming experience, many people prefer playing games on this platform. Here are some of the best multi-platform Xbox 360 games that you will surely enjoy playing:


This action game is available on many gaming platforms. This popular game is about the Japanese character of the same name.

Bayonetta is a witch and uses its powers to fight against the enemies. This twist in the usual action games makes this game very different and interesting. The combat is intense and fun.

Gamers have a good time playing this action game due to its easy controls. You can easily adapt to the various features of this game. It is simple and has the best to offer.

Condemned 2

This multi-player game is all about action. This game also has some thriller elements. Equipped with some amazing features, this game involves tracking down the killers of the brutal murders that take place early on.

This game gives you the true feel of a detective. The realistic and intense storyline keeps the gamers on the edge. As the game progresses, it gets more interesting with clever plots and twists. If you like a game that makes you think this is the perfect game for you.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

As The Elder Scrolls has been a popular game series, this new version takes a step further with advanced graphics and music. The quality of this game is worth appreciating. In this game, you can explore the virtual world like you have never before. There are truly no boundaries for this game. You can a character of your choice and have fun playing this game.

Brutal Legend

This wonderful game is an epic combination of the world of heavy metal and action. This is the biggest USP of the game. The iconic character of Eddie Riggs has battles to win. You can explore the action worlds through the eyes of this character. You can save the humans by making new strategies.

The brilliant soundtrack makes the game more interesting. This game offers a unique experience. You will love to play this over and over again due to its creative story.

Medal Of Honor

If you like action games that are about the current war situation, this is the perfect game for you. This game is about the current situation in the country of Afghanistan. It offers you the opportunity of experiencing the actual conditions of being in a battlefield. Gamers can take secret missions in the war zone. There are sophisticated weapons for this purpose.

All these features make this game one of the best action games on Xbox 360. All these games are also available on other platforms.

However, the Xbox 360 has unparalleled experience. You will see the difference when playing these games on Xbox 360. You will get the satisfaction of playing amazing games on Xbox 360.

Farming Simulator 15

Since this game series is very popular, the makers have come up with its fifteenth version. As the name says, this is a farming game.

Although there are many popular farming games, Farming Simulator is different as it has amazing tools that let the gamers do a lot of creative things on the farm. You can grow crops and do many other activities in this game.

Since farming games have become very popular, they now enjoy cult following from the gaming fans. With lots of cool features, this game is surely one of the most interesting cross platform games out there.