Best Online Learning Game for Kids Sites

Are you looking for the best learning games for kids? If you have a child that just can’t understand fractions or is having trouble with sight words or whatever the case may be; below mentioned online learning games will help you out.

Online learning games can be a great educational tool when used in moderation and in the right way. In our home, the computer is in the living room, so that the kids are supervised at all times. We limit the amount of time on the computer and we do not allow surfing, but these websites are trusted. However, I have used a few programs with my children, with good success, that I would definitely recommend to you.

Click n Kids

This is a reading and phonics program that keeps kids having fun with Looney Tunes characters. It teaches curriculum from kindergarten to 3rd grade level. My kids had fun with the characters. I liked that the lessons were not too long or monotonous. So that the kids wanted to go back for more lessons. After each lesson, a progress report is displayed so you can see how well your child is doing or what areas need improvement. There is a fee, but once paid, it is a lifetime subscription and you can transfer the subscription to another child.


This is another fun online reading program that is excellent. This program teaches early reading and reading comprehension from Kindergarten to 5th grade level. After each lesson is completed, a report is emailed to you so you can keep track what they are learning. When you sign up for the program, a few books and a progress chart are mailed to you. As your child finishes a lesson you are able to print out more books that the child can read based on the lessons already finished. I really like having the books, I think it helps to reinforce what they have learned and gives them a sense of pride that they can read a book.


This is a really great online learning game for K-3 math curriculum. This program adapts to the children’s level. My kids actually beg me to play it! I have been very impressed by this program, it teaches problem solving, counting, comparing and even algebraic thinking. A parent dashboard allows you to see what grade level your child is working on. A monthly fee is required for subscription to this program.


I highly recommend these online educational games for kids because they worked for us. However, they do cost a fee, either a monthly fee or a one time charge. If that isn’t an option, you may search free online game for kids too.