Most Popular PC Games in terms of Graphics

Today PC gaming culture is a widespread new media subculture formed by the popular video games. As video games and computers have increased at an exponential rate over time in popularity. Hence, they have created an influence on the culture of our society.

People all over the world are crazy for high graphics games, and identified as pro gamers. Both competition and entertainment are mapped under gaming and this trend is widely known as electronic sports.

People all over the world are also accepting it. Let us know the top games, which are highly demanded in the market. These games have conquered the market and they are gaining more and more popularity day by day.

Methodology to Determine which ones the Best

As soon as the games are available, the build-in trademarks are used and frames are captured using specific tools. Games are ranked on the basis of their average frame-rate.

For a game to be ranked higher in the rankings it should have low-average frame-rate. Each and every game were run at 4K(3840*2160) with all the settings maximized. The point of pushing these games to their limit is to check the speed of your PC.

Third party mode and multiplayer mode is avoided during testing of the game and each game was given 5 minutes as a game play time. This experiment confirms which game is the best.

Tech needed to Host such Games

A system was designed especially for our PC, which included Corsair’s bare bones Bulldog 2.0 kit, including a Mini-ITX Z270 motherboard from MSI, Large Pixel Collider a series H6 SF CPU cooler and power supply of 600 watts. Intel’s 770K CPU clocked at 4.2GHz high-end quad-core processors in addition to DDR RAM of 16GB were added and run in dual channel mode.

Water cooled GTX 1080 was used for the CPU. As a single graphics card is used the SLI-scaling won’t be a problem at all. A very important aspect of this game-ranking list is, many games, which are listed, have multiplatform titles. Anyways, we are going to focus on rankings based on raw numbers.

4 Best Games in Terms of Graphics

GTA V game play

GTA V is an awesome game play with most attractive graphics. It has plenty of graphical options related to PC settings. You can literally change the shades, quality of texture, and even escalate population density.

The video memory is taxed real hard as you crank everything up to max. Luckily, the graphics card manages the situation and bottleneck is not there.

It achieved an average of 60.9 Frames per second and hence it is ranked 17th on the list. Rockstar North developed this game, the game engine is RAGE and it was released on 14th April 2015.

Just Cause 3

An open-world, wacky, and big game play is featured with imaginative environments that stretch to the horizon. You can literally destroy the world around you using the Avalanche Engines, which are provided in the gameplay.

Hence, it is computationally rigorous game play. That is why it is first on the list with an average of 60 frames per second or below. Avalanche studios developed this game and the game engine is avalanche engine.

Battlefield 1

EA DICE developed this game and it was released on 21st October 2016. The game engine is Frostbite 3. This engine allows the game to run fairly and it doesn’t let the frames per second rate get down below 42 FPS. The graphics of the game is amazing and with all the maxed out features it looks brilliant.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD project RED has developed this game and it was released on 19th May 2015. The game uses REDengine 3. It’s a gorgeous game, thanks to the developers, the action with RPG and guns helps us to enable higher levels of Nvidia hair physics, depth of field effects and ambient occlusion.

We can roam around on a horseback and enjoy the lush landscape environment. We can also look at the advanced lighting effects of the game play. The average frames per second rate are 30 FPS though it never stutters and reached a low of 24 FPS.