New games for smartphones which can be played without access to the Internet

Even though more and more people are purchasing Internet data from their mobile operators, in some situations, it is still difficult to rely on mobile Internet, especially if you are travelling abroad and you can easily get into a situation in which you will have to pay a lot more for mobile Internet through roaming. By the way, you might just be one of the people who never have enough of the amount of Internet data available.

In any case, if you enjoy spending free time on playing games on your smartphone, it is a good idea to have a couple of great titles which can be run without connection to the Internet. This article will show you some of the greatest ones among the newest releases.

Leap a Head

Leap a Head is a free puzzle game developed by MassDiGi Games with a view to allowing its players to enjoy the process without worrying about the Internet connection.

The idea of the game is particularly interesting. You will see a beautiful ancient temple filled with moving platforms. You will need to control a snake which should get to certain points in order to collect treasures which is not thus simple as you will need to estimate the right moment for movements.

Rabbit Samurai

Even though the title of Rabbit Samurai sounds like an action game or may be a platformer, this game actually has a lot of the features typical for puzzle games, albeit, it also has some of the characteristics of platformers.

The plot of the game might appear somewhat weird to many people as the main character is rabbit samurai whose goal is to save mice from wolves. Anyway, the movement on the screen on this platformer puzzle game is not so obvious and will include a lot of logical thinking.

Spirit Roots

The fans of transformers will certainly like Spirit Roots which is a platformer developed by FredBear Games LTD. This game is pretty large including fifty various levels filled with amazing graphics and curious plot. The soundtrack of Spirit Roots itself is a notable part of this game.

The levels of the games are categorised into five different worlds with their own appearance and specifications. Each of the worlds also has its own characters as well as major enemies.


It is possible to find some great racing simulators for smartphones which will work without access to the Internet and one of the best examples of such games released recently is #DRIVE.

The game created by Pixel Perfect Dude S.A. has an appearance and plot resembling the action films about racing recorded in the 70s and 80s. The game is filled with action and is very dynamic and, in addition to it, it has an element of collecting points which can be used for purchasing new cars. At the same time, the game has curious cartoonish graphics.

By the way, this game is not only working without the Internet but it is also available absolutely for free.

Fishing Life

In case you are crazy about fishing or you are just looking for a game which will allow you to relax, Fishing Life developed by Nexelon inc. is one of the offline games worth your attention.

This fishing simulator does not resemble other games of this genres as it does not have any violent elements or too much of dynamics. While playing this game, you will have a chance to enjoy the serene landscapes created by the talented artists of the game studio and listen to the gentle sounds of the sea waves. At the same time, the game will allow you to level up by upgrading your boat and fishing equipment which will be useful for going deeper into the sea.

Check this game without any seconds thoughts as it is available to players absolutely for free!

Clean Road

In case you are interested in playing various simulators and you especially love vehicles, you might be willing to check the Clean Road game which will give you a curious experience of cleaning a road from snow in order to help the stuck cars to get out of the snow. The more you will be playing, the more interesting locations you will find and the more amazing vehicles will be available for playing.

Clean Road has been developed by SayGame Ltd and its great feature is also the fact you can play it free of charge.