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All-Time Favorite Best Xbox 360 Sports Games

Xbox 360 is the successor of Xbox and the second gaming console from Microsoft. It is one among the most popular seventh generation gaming console available in the market. Many gamers doesn’t like the Xbox just for the number of excellent FPS games, but are instead on the search for the best Xbox 360 sports games available and they have a lot of options to choose from. Here are the top 5 this year.

All-Time Favorite Xbox Sport Games Are:

FIFA Soccer 10

FIFA Soccer 10 (Xbox 360) is certainly one of the 5 greatest Xbox 360 sports games of 2009. It is the latest version of the Electronic Arts’ FIFA gaming series. The game comes with fifty key improvements.

The major areas in which you can witness the improvement are the transfer system, fatigue of the players, artificial intelligence, pre-season friendly matches, assistant manager etc.

NHL 10

Next EA sport title, NHL 10 is also a fresh top sports game. It is the eighteenth game of the NHL game series.

The major new features added to the game are intimidation tactics, post-whistle action, spectacular goals, new precision passing, improved goalie intelligence, general manager mode etc.

Overall the game is fully packed with innovative features for satisfying the ice hockey gaming fans.

NCAA Football 10

NCAA Football 10, you guessed it, created by sports gaming masters: EA sports, is a video game featuring college football.

Important among the new features added in the game are auto pass, stadium camera flashes, procedural awareness, field goal nets, super some improvements, defensive assists, stadium updates, branch-tackling System, improved pursuit angles, game planning, season showdown, set-up plays, and defensive keys.

Tiger Woods 10

For golf fanatics, we have Tiger Woods 10 – A golfing video game created by EA Tiburon. It is the latest among the Tiger Woods PGA Tour game series.

The game features the USGA Championship, U.S. Open and the rules of USGA for the first time in the history of the game series. The weather channel of the game will offer dynamic weather data. The game also offers a ‘tournament challenge’ mode.

Another major feature added in the game is the ‘play the pros’. The realistic feel of the game is also improved as the players can now play the game in the Tour Pro mode too.

Fight Night

Last but not least the a ultra realistic boxing game called Fight Night Round 4. The game is a sequel to the popular game, Fight Night Round 3. The game features legendary boxers like Muhammad Ali.

Mike Tyson is also featured in the game. A lot of new modes are added to the game like legacy mode. The player can select from forty eight licensed boxers.


There are many great sports games for the xbox but the ones listed above are, as we see it, the 5 best Xbox sports games of of all-time.