Curious facts about your favourite Minecraft

Are you one of the Minecraft fans? Then, you will certainly enjoy reading about the amazing facts related to this classic game which has been attracting more and more new players since 2009 when it was released.

What was the initial name of Minecraft?

Do you know what was the original name of Minecraft? The game was initially designed as a demonstration of grass and cobblestone with a view to visualisation of the generation of caves. For that reason, its initial name was actually Cave Game.

Certainly, today one can hardly imagine Minecraft with any other name, however, it is curious whether the name really affected its success in any way and the game would have the same popularity as Cave Game.

The success of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

You might have already learnt about Steve of Minecraft to be one of the characters of Super Smash Bros. designed by Nintendo. Super Smash Bros. is now mixed up with Minecraft. Actually, Steve is not the only character available in the game for the fans of Minecraft. There also an enderman and Alex.

Needless to say, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is extremely popular and there is nothing surprising in its huge sales which have overcome 20 million copies.

Do you know how many mods there are available for your favourite game?

If you are not well-acquainted with the term mod, you should know it is a short form coming from the word “modification”. It is actually not the same as actualisation which are released in larger packages. Mods can be created both by the official group of the game designers as well as by the players themselves.

Minecraft has a gigantic number of mods which are available in repositories on the net. Counting all of them might be challenging, however, just for the sake of illustrating the scale of the design, you can imagine there were 55 000 mods in February 2020. Pay your attention to the fact the number relates to a single repository whereas there is a great variety of them as well.

The total amount of time spent by players enjoying Minecraft

Have you ever thought about the total number of hours spent by all of the players on exploration on developing the world of Minecraft? Actually, according to some statisticians who have conducted approximate calculations, the number is equal to 68 million years!

How much does Minecraft cost?

Currently Minecraft belongs to Microsoft which purchased the game for the price of 2.5 billion USD. This means the most popular baseball’s team of the major league which is the New York Yankees has a value only twice greater than Minecraft.

Of course, today, Minecraft is not just a computer game, it is also one of the most popular brands which itself makes it extremely profitable. The most curious fact about the success of this game is still the time which was spent on its development. If you are a real devotee of Minecraft, you definitely know it took the developer only six days to make this game.

The education edition of Minecraft

Minecraft itself is a game which is very helpful for developing certain skills, for example, problem-solving. Yet, the developers have also created a special version of the game with a specific aim to assist education of a wide range of subjects.

When it comes to problem-solving, actually almost all of the teachers using this game in their teaching practice are admitting this particular skill is certainly being improved with Minecraft.