Popular mistakes made by gamers which are harming their health while playing video games

Needless to say, playing video games is highly absorbing process. Even if you believe gaming is not for you, it is just because you haven’t explored the variety of the amazing games available on the market yet. The number of games available today with diverse genres and an abundance of themes has to offer something to anyone.

Since the gaming process is so exciting and thrilling, it is easy to forget about some physical needs of our bodies which can cause health problems in the long run. This article will help you to be more careful and not repeat popular mistakes of other gamers.

Ignoring a need to sleep

If you are busy during an entire day and finally, in the evening, you have some time to play your favourite game and escape from your everyday routine, it may be rather difficult for you to stop playing when you are supposed to. The game can absorb you too much making you resign from a couple of hours of your night rest. Obviously, it is a very bad practice even if you feel satisfied by playing for a longer time. The next day, your productivity will be decreased and you will be dreaming about a good sleep for the entire day. Certainly, it will hardly make your day productive.

Video games have a very specific effect on people. Unlike just reading a book before bed, drawing or doing anything else you enjoy doing, the level of engagement into a gaming process is extremely intense. As a result, you might simply not be aware of being sleepy unless you really become severely drained out. This level is even more potent than the one created by watching TV before bed.

For that reason, you should set alarms for the time when you are supposed to go to bed and react to them appropriately.

Playing right before going to bed

This mistake can be a result of the one described above or it can just happen to people who found a couple of spare minutes for playing right before the bed. No matter whether you have already spent hours playing or you have just started doing it, you should stop playing at least an hour before going to bed. This is crucial for giving your body sufficient rest.

First of all, the games are making your brain rather energised which is absolutely unwanted in your bed time. As a result, you can struggle with falling asleep while being rather tired which is particularly unwanted if the next day you are going to work, university or school.

At the same time, the blue light created by the screen of your computer or TV set itself is messing with a sleep cycle as it can decrease the level of melatonin also known as sleeping hormone. This hormone is created in the body naturally after dawn gradually preparing the body to having rest. Unfortunately, blue light is destroying this hormone making it even worse for people to falls asleep. Of course, playing on your phone before going to bed will have the same effect.

Having junk food

Certainly, there is no such a rule and it does not have to be necessarily true in your case. Still, you can easily imagine that an absorbing game can either make you forget about food for hours or it can push you into reaching unhealthy snacks. Even if one has full meal prepared at home and waiting for him or her to have it, many people do not want to break the gaming flow and just grab something which can be ate easily without getting distracted. You can easily imagine it is easier for one to have a chocolate bar, French fries or chips than a bowl of soup or a piece of meat which has to be eaten not only with a fork but also with knife while playing a game. In all likelihood, it just impossible to play while having such food.

In addition to it, being absorbed into playing almost always mean one will overeat. It is not a secret that body does not understand the feeling of satiation unless the brain is processing the process of consumption as well as the digestive system. The feeling of satiation comes within twenty minutes after the stomach gets filled with food. Playing and having food at the same time can make one eat a way more than he or she would do while not being distracted by games.