Enjoy Amazing Online PC Games for Free

A lot of people look to play free online PC games. They help to pass the time, but they also are able to be played from the comfort of your home without having to install the game on a computer. An added bonus is when you can find a FREE online game to enjoy instead of paying to play.

Below are some of the best free online games for players to enjoy.


Many gamers have heard of Doom and know what to expect, but for those who do not know, Doom is an action game that is full of corridors and secret passages with a number of doors and switches granting the player access. And of course, do not forget the demons.

The first episode of Doom can be played for free online on a PC. This game is played using shooter controls and not a mouse like other PC games, but is still one of the best games amongst PC gamers. To play this PC game, simply click here to play Doom.


Wonderputt is an online puzzle game for PC users. It is very similar to a game of mini-golf with a twist. The player has to putt the ball around the course while avoiding obstacles and jumping over dangers.

After a player is able to sink their putt, the game changes and morphs creating other obstacles that were not expected. The graphics in this free PC game is better than many other free online games, and is extremely enjoyable with a great choice of images and colors. Feel free to play Wonderputt here now.

Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization

This free online PC game is one of the most popular games from boardgamegeek. This game is a strategy game and takes time to really play the game. The goal is to build the best civilization you can, while competing with other players.

The player starts in ancient times and can grow and develop up through the modern age. But the key is to maintain a balance between technology, resources, and military strength. If you are looking for an online strategy PC game you play over a period of time, this game is perfect for you.

10 More Bullets

This only PC game is free to play. It is a game where you attack and destroy ships by shooting them with, you guessed it, ten bullets. But what you might not guess is the exploding ships that are destroyed actually break apart to become more bullets and destroying other ships around them.

Depending on your score, the player receives gold that can be used to purchase upgrades making it possible to destroy hundreds of ships.

The overall feel of the game is similar to some of the old school Atari games many gamers have played, but with the ability to upgrade your attacking potential. Try your luck at destroying ships and see how many you can kill with 10 More Bullets.

Dragon Age: The Last Court

If you are looking for another strategy game, Dragon Age: The Last Court is another game that is intended to be played long term.

If you have played Dragon Age: Inquisition or Dragon Age 2 this is from the same creator. In this game, the player starts off selecting if they will be a hunter or a scholar before beginning to build a town and keeping an eye out for potential attacks.

The only drawback of this game is many actions require action points that take a significant amount of time to regenerate. They can be purchased using actual money, but it is not necessary to do, which allows this game to remain free if you are patient and take your time growing over the course of several days.


There are tons of different PC games players can play. Unfortunately a number of these cost a significant amount of money to play. But it is not necessary to pay to play. Instead, try playing any of the recommended FREE online PC games instead and save yourself money while having fun.