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In-Depth Review of Sony PlayStation 4

The Japanese electronic powerhouse Sony is a well-respected and trusted brand, to say the least. Founded back in 1946, they became known by their current name Sony way back in 1955. They basically started the whole console gaming revolution with the original PlayStation in 1994/5. Even though Nintendo was the first, Sony made the breakthrough.

And now, almost two decades after the original console, the PlayStation 4 is on the horizon. Slated for a November 15th release date, the PlayStation 4 is set to herald games into the next-generation. In this in-depth article, we’ll be looking at the features of the PS4 and its pros and cons.

The Features

The PlayStation 4 comes with a very strong technical specification and should be future-proof for a good number of years yet. The main specifications are:

  • AMD 8-core Jaguar CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • 8GB GDDR5 RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • 500GB Storage Hard-Drive (Upgradable by end users who require more space)
  • 6x Speed Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • AMD Radeon Custom GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
  • Full 1080p HD Output

Whilst in this article we won’t be delving into numbers (They’re easy to find), it’s worth noting that the technical specifications out-perform those of its main rivals, the Xbox One.

The PS4 also comes with an internal 802.11 b/g/n wireless network card, a more modern card than the one found in the PlayStation 3; This should ensure a much smoother and more stable wireless connection. All PS4 bundles will also come with a headset as standard, so you can communicate with fellow players across the globe.

There are a number of accessories for use with the PS4, such as the aforementioned headset. All bundles will of course come with a Dual Shock wireless controller. The controller hasn’t undergone any major redesigns, it does however come with a small touchpad on the front.

A motion-sensor camera is also on offer as a separate accessory, priced at $59. This little black box has two cameras at each end in order to give it a sense of depth. This has a number of uses for interactive, controller-less gaming and also features a microphone so you can use voice commands.


So what makes the PlayStation 4 so great? There are a number of pros to this little system.


It’s been a 7 years since the last PlayStation came out, and much has changed since then. Next-generation consoles like the PS4 will render games in gorgeous detail, its cutting edge. PlayStation exclusive developers Naughty Dog, famous for the uncharted series and The Last of Us has also promised some great experiences for the PS4.


One of the main focus for Sony when it came to designing the PlayStation for was the social aspect. Broadcasting is one of these social features, using the PS4 players can view live video feed of other people playing their games, or broadcast their own. This is made possible through the popular streaming service, Twitch. Additionally, players can take control of other player’s games (if requested) to, for example, help them pass a difficult level. Players can also share screenshots or video footage from their past 15 minutes of play, as everything in the last 15 minutes is saved on an overwriting basis.


We’re in a recession and gaming console are expensive gadgets. The PlayStation 4 is thankfully, pretty reasonably priced at $399. (Much cheaper than its predecessors launch price)

The Design

Whilst it is indeed entirely subjective, the PS4 is a sleek looking machine. It’s a great looking thing wherever it’s placed.


The PlayStation 4 has some interesting possibilities in terms of interaction. The game Watch Dogs for example, has some capabilities of interacting with gamers mobile phones (Then used for gameplay). The handheld PS Vita can also be linked up with the PS4 and act as a 2nd screen.


Nothing is perfect and the PlayStation 4 does have a few issues.


The free online service of the PlayStation 3 is gone. In order to play games online you’ll now have to pay a fee. Thankfully, Sony have stated that this is only due to a large investment of resourced on their part to improve the service as a whole. So whilst the service is no longer free, it should be better and more reliable.

Backwards Compatibility

The PS4 is unable to play PS3 games, which is unfortunate. With the PlayStation network store. However, older games should be on offer at good prices.

And that pretty much concludes the list of cons, as you can see, not too extensive.


The PlayStation 4 is definitely the console to buy and is already in heavy demand. Amazon has a great deal whereby you’ll pay the lowest price on pre-order. Right now though, due to the demand you can only sign-up for notifications for when it does go on sale.