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The Best Video Game Consoles By Generation

In each gaming generation, there has usually been one clear cut winner for best video game consoles award in the minds of gamers everywhere.  This could be because of game selection, or simply because of how well the system did in worldwide markets.

Gen 1:

Even though the Odyssey started it all, Nintendo’s Color TV game was the clear winner here with over 3 million units sold.

Gen 2:

With home video game consoles still being a rather rare sight, the Atari 2600 (And later the Atari 5200 which would play the 2600 games) dominated the market.

Gen 3:

The third generation of gaming wasn’t even a fight for Nintendo to win the best video game consoles award.  While the Sega Master System didn’t do bad by any means, the Nintendo Entertainment System sold in many markets and pretty much created the modern age of gaming.

Gen 4:

Again, an unfair fight that lets Nintendo sweep the globe.  The Super Nintendo Entertainment System swept every market around the globe like a gaming hurricane.  Not only that, but it ushered in a period in gaming history known today as the “Golden Age of Gaming”.  Widely considered to be the best gaming system of all time, is it any wonder that the SNES was one of the best video game consoles in its own generation?

Gen 5:

If there is one name that is heard around the world when gaming is mentioned today, it is the Sony Playstation.  Making its debut in the fifth generation, the Playstation easily dominated the world and introduced a totally new gaming market to adults and children alike.

Gen 6:

Once again, Sony destroyed all other consoles with the release of the Playstation 2.  With graphics unlike any had ever seen before, the Playstation 2 became a staple in every home around the world.  Very few homes went without one, even when owning an opposing system.

Gen 7:

In the seventh generation of gaming consoles, the results are a lot harder to understand.  Both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 have had massive success stories worldwide.  The Wii, while always considered an underdog, has actually sold more units worldwide than the other two consoles.  But most gamers will admit that they play either their Xbox 360 or their PS3 more.

So with the results in for the past, which console will win the race in the 8th Generation?  Will it be the PS4, the Xbox One, or the already released Wii U?