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Top 5 Websites to Download Full Version of PC Games

There are a number of games released every day on the internet. Free games, especially full versions of the games are not easily available.

Many websites say that they offer full versions free and end up charging you a membership fee for accessing these games. Many of these websites areas also host for viruses and can cause a threat to the security of your computer.

This article offers up the very best of the websites that are secure and truly allow you to get the game safely and for free.

05 Best Websites to Download PC Games Are:

Ocean of Games

Launched in the year 2013 on 27th of August, this website was built as a community for game lovers. This website is one of the most popular websites for gaming. The website provides news on the latest game releases, numerous full game downloads, reviews on the latest edition of games and forums to interact with the players on the site.

The website has an active community of gamers and offers free help to its community of gamers with additional videos on how to install the games on the PC. This website is so popular that it has a rank of 1726 on the global scale on Alexa. This is the original website with a total of 17 categories of game genres and an additional trainer version of the games. T

he website constantly uploads updates to fix errors and many other updates as they come. There is a section where you can request for a particular game. If you subscribe to the website, it will send you notifications when anything new is posted.


This website is a great source of some big name games that you can download for free. The website has a huge collection of small arcade games to bigger games for the serious gamer.

The download limit is unlimited, the files are password protected, and they can be accessed by visiting the FAQ page of the website. Assassins Creed, Star Ocean- the last hope, Wolfenstein 2 are just a few of the games that are available for download from this website. The website has games arranged by the alphabetical order.

Additionally, it also has the games arranged by the genres for easy access. The website also offers tutorials on how to download and install the game and repacks in addition to the games that are offered.

Game Top is one of the fairly well-known websites used for the download of games. This website has numerous free high-quality games available for download. The versions you get to download are entirely safe and guaranteed that it is a full version of the game. You can get Games that are playable the PC, the Mac or the Android system. This means you can probably play a lot of these games on the phone.

Moreover, there are new releases almost every week. Charm Tale, Fresco Wizard and Kill all Zombies are a few examples of the games that are available for free on the website.  The different genres that are available are Match 3, Puzzles, Hidden Object, Racing, Arcade and action games.

Mega Games

The website was started in the year 1998. It has a vast gaming resource with games made for PCs, PS4, Xbox One, and many other gaming devices.

This is another website which is one of the biggest contributors to the world of free games. This website not only offers the full version of games like Mario but also offers many other different options to satisfy your taste no matter what type of games you like.

The website is also popular in the library of cheat codes it provides games. The website has news, fixes, patches, trainers, mods, rigs, editorials and videos in addition to the emulators and free games.  The number of options the websites provides is enough to satisfy any gamers thirst for games for a lifetime.

Acid Play

At number five, Acid Play is a website that was aimed towards game developers and gamers. It was started in the year 2002 and has more than a hundred games usually posted by the developers of the games. You can download a complete game in under a minute.

Every download is secured using ClamAV. This makes the download really fast, safe and secure against attacks.


So, whenever you’d like to download free PC games, then these are the sites from where you can download all the latest version.