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Why You Should Replay Old Dos Games?

Gone are the days when one could just play old DOS games, have endless fun, and enjoy precious moments. Despite the development in the gaming world, some players can’t help but miss those old DOS games that fill players with joy and defined their childhood.

We do not, in any way, discredit modern games and their high definition breathtaking graphics, but we are just trying to draw people’s attention to an endangered gaming platform. Here are a few reasons why you should dust up you old Nintendo or Sega and play to your fullest.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Have you ever found an old item from your childhood and it instantly evokes memories of fun, happiness, and carefree days? We bet you have, and we also bet that that’s the same feeling you will feel from playing dos games. Childhood is undoubtedly fun, and many people miss it in one way or another. These games played an important role in many people’s childhoods and it’s always nice to remember those times. As soon as you see that press start screen, it all comes back to you, the memories of fun times, the little challenges, the little quarrels about which players to choose, and the bets over who will win. Old DOS games are one of the best trips down memory lane.

Easy and Straightforward

Games nowadays are packed with many features; time traveling, heavy weapons, painstaking puzzles, side quests and so much more. While this is fun for many players, it can be quite onerous and a drudgery for many others. However, with old games, the mission is clear right from the beginning. It’s either defeat the boss, jump or avoid obstacles, outrun your friends, or follow the dotted line. Players do not have to bother themselves about all the tricks and hard puzzles to overcome before defeating the boss or moving on to the next level. Old DOS games are just easy and very fun, without scratching your head.


After many decades of dominating the gaming industry, the only conclusion to that is undoubtedly the fun aspect of these games. As already stated, the straightforward challenges of these games are one thing, and the fun they give players is another. In fact, despite all the strides in modern gaming, many players still can’t shake off these games. Emulators and other conversion technologies have taken root in bringing these old DOS games closer to a demanding audience. Even in handheld devices and smartphones, these games still find a way to live on, and the credit for all of that goes to how fun these games are. This is more than enough reason to replay them when boredom strikes or when you just feel nostalgic.


So what are you waiting for? Dust up that Nintendo or Sega or download an emulator to relive some of the best times of the gaming world with these games. You won’t be short of nostalgia, fun, and reason to play more.