What are Game Consoles All About?

Video gaming has come a long way since the days of two dimensional games like Tetris. With the advancement in multimedia technologies, video games rapidly evolved into one force to reckon with.

Better graphics, sound effects clubbed with high definition gaming console to work on such high configuration platform made video game much more than a way to keep your kids busy.

What are Game Consoles All About?

Game Consoles are perhaps one of the most popular home entertainment units you can purchase today. A games console is basically an interactive entertainment computer device. It produces a video display signal which can be used with a display device such as a television to display the video game.

It is a machine that is designed specifically for consumers to buy and play video games, making it a perfect entertainment box for houses.

In the 1950’s the first computer games appeared and they used vector display and not video. When 1972 arrived, Magnavox released the first ever home video game console, which was the Magnavox Odyssey. This console was invented by a guy called Ralph H. Bear.

The Odyssey was only moderately successful. When Atari came about with their arcade game “Pong”, it really popularized video games in a big way.

Video Games

Video games normally contain different gameplay, goals, objectives and other features. They are normally contained on a multimedia disc and are generally sold separately from the actual game console units. If you wish to play a specific game, you’ll need to have the right console in order to play the game. So if you want to play Nintendos legendary game “Super Mario Brothers”, you will need to have a Nintendo game console unit to play the game.


There are different controllers for the different game consoles in the market today. The controllers allow you, the game player to control movement in the video game you play. If you have a game which you need to control a character in the game in order to move and walk about, you would need a game controller such as a joypad or a joystick to move the character about.

Display Screen

Game consoles require the use of a display unit such as a Tv or monitor in order to play. TV’s are definitely the most common form of screen used. So as players push buttons and move analog on the game console controller, the screen responds immediately to these actions and changes are implemented instantly.

Popular Models

PlayStation 3

One of the best game consoles that has ever come out on the market – The playstation 3 games console. The PlayStation game console are based on Blu-ray technologies which make these as one of the advanced gadgets to play the games, giving you the most realistic HD graphics that will make everyone falls in love with it.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 consoles are certainly up there with the rest of the high performing game consoles in today’s current climate. Microsoft certainly knows how to design an amazing games console!


All-in-all, gaming consoles are one of the best addition to our lifestyle, offering numerous reasons to enjoy our spare time with friends and family.