The best presents for gamers

Are you looking for prefect presents for your gamer or may be you are a gamer yourself and would like to make a gift to yourself? In any case, this article will show you some amazing options for making an ideal gift to anyone who enjoys playing video games.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

Right now, Microsoft Xbox Series X is regarded to be the most powerful video game console on the market which is absolutely perfect for playing even the most cutting-edge games. Comparing to the previous model of the game console offered by Microsoft, this one is four times more powerful.

You can absolutely rely on this device while playing games with 4K resolution. The memory capacity of the device is 1 Tb.

Sony PlayStation 5

People who have never played video games on a large screen, will find Sony PlayStation 5 an absolutely sufficient option for gaming. Certainly, this device will be also a perfect choice for the gamers who have already spent years using previous versions of PlayStation and now are willing to try a new one.

First of all, this video game console is perfect for playing conveniently the games with 4K resolution. This device can be purchased in two versions. The first one is called Blu-ray and it has been designed for playing games stored in a conventional ways whereas Digital Edition does not have a disk drive.

The memory storage built into Sony PlayStation 5 is of the SSD type. It has 825 GB which is absolutely sufficient for playing really massive games in a smooth way. The power of the processor used in this model is enough for visualising a lot of details as well as various effects.

Nintendo Switch OLED

In case there is an absolute fan of the Nintendo bestselling games who is also crazy about playing on the go, he or she will be more than happy to receive Nintendo Switch OLED as a present. This portable video game console has been upgraded for a better gaming experience.

First of all it is crucial to understand d this device is not thus powerful as the game consoles we have discussed above. Certainly, the reason for it is the fact Nintendo Switch OLED is a portable console so it is not equipped in thus powerful elements as Sony PlayStation 5 or Microsoft Xbox Series X. Still, the appeal of this device is certainly in the fact it is portable and compatible with fantastic games created by Nintendo. For example, the users of such a console will be able to play Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo Switch OLED is an upgraded version of the previous model of a Nintendo video game console. This device has a state-of-the-art OLED display which guarantees a better visualisation of games and animation effects. In addition to it, the device was equipped into 64 GB of memory capacity which is twice more than the capacity of the previous model. Anyway, if the memory is not enough, it can be extended with a microSD card.

The video console has a special holder which will allow one to set it on various surfaces in a position comfortable for playing. The device also has such ports as LAN, USB and HDMI.

Oculus Quest 2

Do not forget about one more fantastic present for any gamer and just a person who is crazy about new technologies. It is Oculus Quest 2 which is one of the newest models of virtual reality glasses.

Even though the market has a couple of models of VR-glasses, this one is very special due to the fact it can be used without connection to any other gadgets as its system is based on the all-in-one technology. For that reason, it will be enough just to put the glasses on and get immersed into the virtual reality of your favourite game while using special controllers.

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  1. As a player I would be amazed if I recieve Microsoft Xbox Series X. Especially that it hasn’t been easy to get this console lately

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